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Everything is connected.

Marketing, websites, newsletters and social media all build relationships.

Your relationships make your organization strong and help you to achieve your mission.

  • Website Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Flyers, Cards, Posters
  • Newsletter Design
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • Marketing Plans
  • Copywriting
  • Training
  • Grant Writing
  • Analytics
  • Consultants

What to expect from us.



Communication is key for your project.

We want to get to know your organization and your mission so we can best meet your needs and help you to build lasting digital relationships.



With years of experience working for charities, nonprofits and educational institutions we understand your needs.

By leveraging our expertise we will be able to achieve your goals.



Social impact is very important to us.  We want to tell your story and help you to advance your mission.

We are scaling  up our social impact by working with organizations, like yours, all over the globe.




Is your organization small? Don’t worry.

We are your marketing department. We are your tech department. We are your consultants. We are your ally.

What people are saying…

Ami is an incredible developer!! She offers advanced knowledge and tailors her work towards your own goals. I was not expecting such as thorough/ in-depth job. Namely, she was patient with my requests, incredibly responsive, and even brought new ideas to our organization. The quality of the website she developed for us is quite impressive, and even includes social media integration, donation account link-ups, and an interactive interface. She provided us with so much information along the way that I am able to work on some parts on my own now. Ami is more than just a developer–she will help you lift your organization to new heights!


“Ami always promptly identified issues requiring choices, spelled out the pluses and minuses of each choice, and promptly executed the decision selected. She was amazingly patient with questions or doubts I expressed. I can’t speak too highly of her responsiveness, resourcefulness and professionalism, to say nothing of her formidable technical knowledge and skills. The project took longer than either of us had anticipated, but only because of my repeated queries and requests and the evolving ambitions and challenges I imposed. No matter what level of expertise, if any, you bring to your project as a client, Ami is the one you want working for and with you.”


“Working with Ami was an exceptional experience. She is responsive, communicative, friendly, and knowledgeable. She did everything per schedule. Her work is high quality. She tweaked and tweaked to get it all right. She explained her approach to the job thoroughly and was incredibly patient with my incessant questions. She seemed to know just about everything. She prepared a wonderful set of video tutorials for me on the website she set up so that I could maintain it afterward. I got more than I expected. I would hire Ami again in a second.”


“Ami was incredibly thorough and professional in her work. I will definitely hire her again and would highly recommend her. She provided more information and work than I expected and was always prompt in meeting deadlines.”


“Job well done. Very knowledgeable with WordPress/Woocommerce. Helped set up my website and kept me updated along the way. Was able to answer any questions that I had. Would recommend Ami’s work and be happy to be a reference. Thank you!”


“Ami provided excellent work on a very tight time schedule. She was open to suggestions and other comments and continually worked to ensure the end product was well developed, thorough, and met my expectations. Thanks!”



We work with educators, nonprofits and social enterprises. Those who have a mission that makes a social impact. The makers, the dreamers, the doers; you know who you are.

Are you ready?