I arrived in Managua at a morning flight on March, 13th. Dennis, a very kind taxi driver was waiting for me to bring me to Nagarote. After an one-hour drive, we arrived at my destination.

On the way here I kept observing it all. The streets, the people, the vegetation, the landscape and the heat. Dennis, very proud of his Nicaragua, was telling me stories about his country, about the president Diego Ortega and the first lady who is also the vice-president, Rosario Murillo, and her taste for very colored monuments around the country. According to him, she should spend that money with more important and meaningful things for the people.

I didn’t get to see much of Managua but it seems like every big city anywhere – lots of traffic, lots os people, lots of noise. But I’m sure going back there to explore a little more.

Finnaly at Nagarote, I was welcomed by part of the staff in Nicaphoto, dropped my luggage at the house I’m living in, and went back to my first day!

My very first impression is how much they can accomplish with so little. Nicaphoto is based in a rented building that is not really small but it sure cannot hold all the students they have (they’re building a new facility!).

So there are kids everywhere you look. Always learning. They have tutoring classes, martial arts, dance, soccer, girl’s club and boy’s club…. I mean every little space is taken over by learning.








And the staff is always on top of everything. Even with not a lot of resources and not a lot of space, the work is amazing! And the kids here are truly having a chance to change their futures!