Managua and the colored trees (Árboles de la Vida), a gift from the first-lady to the country, very questioned by the population.

Since the 13th of March, Nicaragua is my home and will be for the next six months. While here, I’ll have the chance to combine 3 big passions – Marketing, Education and Traveling!

It all started on October 31st last year, when my brother Fabio sent me a link to this organization called Moving Worlds Institute. I was at my lunch time at work having a very busy day running 2 big events with my staff but by looking at it very quickly it already seemed the opportunity I was looking for.

Moving Worlds is an awesome organization that guides people who want to make a career shift towards a more purpose job and life. And the 31st of October, the day I received the link to their website, was the final day to apply for their 2017 Fellowship Cohort. I felt that was my moment!

So I managed to fill in the form and sent my application at 9pm that day, with a lot of anxiety but also with a lot of hope. And it so happened that on December 5th I got I reply saying I was accepted into the program!

Until that day on so much has happened… I left my job, spent some time in the U.S. with friends, had a 3-day immersion training in Seattle and started getting in touch with organizations who were looking for someone with my expertise and abilities. And very quickly I found Level Up Village. By reading their description, all I could tell was that they were this education organization in the U.S. that offered STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) curriculums to american schools and also abroad. Nothing else. But it really got my attention. So I got in touch with them and very quickly had a response.

We started talking and then I found out what it really was – their mission is to promote Global Education. Every american school working with their STEAM curriculum has a global partner somewhere in the world. And the students make a project together. So you have children in India (for instance) developing a website about the water crisis with kids in the US. Each of them having the chance to learn about the water situation in the world, about technology and, the most important, about other cultures and each other. Of course I immediately fell in love with the program and luckily they liked me too (!) so I was picked to work with Nicaphoto, one of their partners in Nagarote, Nicarágua.

Parque Central in Nagarote.

And here I am!